25 Replies to “This is Your Life – Adam Gilchrist Part 1 of 5”

  1. I love the part where he says “i’ll be interested to´╗┐ see this” hah

  2. @MrProclaimerfan Thanks for uploading the video!I am an ardent fan of GIlchrist´╗┐ and hope to meet him in the near future:)
    love this video!

  3. same´╗┐ and im friends with livdolls and adam gilchrist son is not a trend setter

  4. he is the reason i got interested´╗┐ in cricket. growing up the england were a terrible team and he would just destroy us withhe batting skills. nice to see compliments from parkinson aswell

  5. Gilly´╗┐ is the only Australian of the post-Taylor era that I can say I truly respect with my heart. Along with the great Steve Waugh and Brett Lee. All others maybe fine players but come across as worthless ambassadors of the game.

  6. i love his expressions from 4:30 to 4:39. so cute and innocent. love´╗┐ you gilly. God bless u.

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