25 Replies to “Very Funny Adam Gilchrist Video”

  1. He was such a magnificent cricketer to go watch.
    One of the very few automatic delections in everyone’s historical World
    X1… just couldnt dream of a better number 7.
    Universally loved and great memories.

  2. its like the australians now are playing a game of cricket.. instead of its
    work.. and at that level, it is work.. before you bash me, i am australian..

  3. @AussieFkinPride I support both countries equally, having lived in both
    almost completely evenly. If brown people are a cancer that need to be
    eradicated, then Australians are a stain worse than cancer, that needs to
    be erased and shown a new way of life. So many of you are racist pieces of
    shit, it’s actually amusing.

  4. hey, indian here, i have a lot of respect for adam gilchrist, excellent
    wicket-keeper n batsman..my fav player among australians

  5. I think best wicket-keeper/batsman of all time. He has raised the bar now
    for keepers to also average at least 45 with the bat.

  6. @80sinsify judging by your hate to this great nation, you either need to
    have to a warm cup of tea, or, sit down and heat up a nice spicy curry

  7. My original comment was not to you but to one of these ignorant twats who
    pokes his head up whenever India get the rare string of wins against
    Australia. As I said to him: “Get some perspective”.

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