25 Replies to “Vintage Adam Gilchrist”

  1. there are better stroke players and batsman, but when it comes to raw timing, Gilly is something seen once in a life time if you’re lucky

  2. The best left hand batsman ever, best hitter. World best. gilly the best

  3. Gilchrist’s cricketing career in the IPL is over…he keeps having poor shot selections! I’m sorry guys but our hero is going out badly!

  4. i dont know why people criticize IPL,
    where else will u see legends like gilly , kumble , warney or hayden .

  5. Do you know where i can find the ipl semi final video when gilly smashed Delhi daredevils?

  6. That’s the thing, his shots look so effortless. I reckon the Warney one was the best, the sound off the bat was immense.

  7. There will never be another, a true legend of the game, damn i shed a tear when he retired 🙁

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