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  1. This is the greatness of leg spin. In my belief shane warne just pushed the ball from palm towards gully.

  2. I think this delivery which Warne talks about, everyone was going on about how well bowled it was and he said it was actually meant to turn miles as the comment below says. natural variation

  3. It was a leg break that didn’t spin… part of a spinner’s danger is natural variation off the pitch… drop the ball in the same area a few times in a row, and I doubt you’ll get the same turn each time

  4. You may have a point re “over complicating ” the slider. in many ways it is effectively pushing the ball out of the front of the hand.

    But the reason it’s so effective (and thus so skilled) is he’s able to bowl it with the same arm speed/action as the leg break.

    His wrong’un is slower & needed a drop in the shoulder, the flipper’s quicker & obvious. Warne effectively had to “set up” a batsmans prior to delivering the flipper.

    Warne can bowl sliders and legbreks and interchange at will.

  5. Warne, if I’m not mistaken, holds the ball tighter and uses his palm to slow the number of revs he puts on the ball. The one to Bell does in fact turn a little bit.
    What you say about Warne’s slider being a scrambled seam leg break with a hint of backspin bowled with decent revs is perfectly accurate, but it does over-complicate the delivery. In effect, it’s the equivalent to bowling the ball as a seam bowler would but with some leg spin (a slower leg-cutter with a leg-spinner’s grip).

  6. The bell delivery is of course a leg-break though i don’t necessarily believe it was bowled with less revs. If it was deliberately bowled with less revs/spin there would be some discernible difference in his bowling action; like a fast bowlers slower ball, though a little more subtle

    Also, even with less revs, the ball would not have simply gone “straight on”. it would have turned a little. If Warne could replicate this delivery simply bowling less revs, he need’nt use the slider

  7. cheers for your comments

    I get what you’re saying, but the 2nd delivery (to flintoff) is a very skilled delivery which warne didn’t bowl properly until about 2002. (he used other back spinners prior to this)

    Warne’s slider is a scrambled seam leg break but with a hint of back spin, bowled with decent revs. It can drift in, break a little right to left and keeps low.

    To say its a “nothing delivery… that he rolled his fingers down the back of” is doing it a bit of a dis-service.

  8. thank you sir…this ‘slider’ shit needs to stop; Richie Benaud is just senile. The genius of Warne during the latter half of his career was his ability to vary the revs on the same ball he bowled. His ‘slider’, the second one Simon Hughes, was merely a nothing ball in which he rolled his fingers down the back of the ball. It’s not as hard as everyone makes it out to be…part of the whole mystique built around Warne

  9. cool please keep posting more videos like this one especially shane warne’s iwant to analyse his amazing talent

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