16 Replies to “Why Warney Is Still The King”

  1. I find it funny how he’s totally bullshitting when he says “i’m gonna try and slide one in there…faster.” But he bowls a leg break that pitches on leg to hit off stump around McCullum’s legs…and no one seems to have noticed

  2. its your choice i respect , i would only like to add that Warne bowled on green and quick wickets most of his career , yea he didnt do much in India coz you know Indians are very good VS spin

  3. and your the freak who just made an account to comment on my post……get a life cunt

  4. Shane Warne did a lot better when he was playing international cricket. Nonetheless, he still is the king – not an opinion, a fact.

  5. Warnie is King mate and you’re the loser on the net with “received too many negative votes” next to your name!

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