1. nope, better update your rule book. he didn’t play a shot, it doesn’t matter where it hit him, and it never matters if it pitches outside off.

  2. Because it pitched outside the line of off-stump and hit-him outside the line as well. Doesn’t matter if he let it go…since both of these criteria are happening, you can’t give it out no matter what.

  3. …is the title a joke? there have been worse decisions in just about every series since this match

  4. I watched this entire spell. Prince hadn’t got bat to ball for about 5 overs, Warne was all over him. Prince had left about 3 or 4 in this fashion that all should have been given. He was completely outplayed by Warne and deserved to be given for that pathetic offering. Umpires hate when Batsmen don’t offer shots to genuine deliveries. Should be given every day of the week. God I miss Shane Warne….

  5. was the spin lucky or skills, because in that vid the ball hits a bump on the ground

  6. If you don’t offer a shot and you get hit in the pads, you are asking for trouble

  7. Why should the Batsmen offer a Shot!…Clearly Warne Wasn’t bolwing at the Batter but the HUGE Crater at the edge of the Pitch!

  8. Yeh its only missing by 6″….
    Thank God Its not missin by a Foot…..lolzz

  9. From the naked eye it looked out, and the fact that Prince didn’t offer a shot didn’t help his case either

  10. you cant call that shocking he saw that with the naked eye the ball span he didnt play a shot it was a great ball though

  11. It’s a pitty the new review system wasn’t in place in ’06…. Pitty, Ashwell could’ve made a HUGE 100…..

  12. blame the technology, look where the ball is when it did hit his pad, almost in line with the wickets yet the video technology shows it further away. the ball had more spin.

  13. Its just that he left the ball, he would no way have been given out if he had attempted a shot

  14. agreed even if he had pretended to use the bat then there was no way he would have been out, in shouldering arms like that he just leaving himself open to be given out. All the ball has to do is hit the stumps, track says no, but half the time umpires give these out beacuse the batmans play such a bad shot, more than anything else..

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