23 Replies to “Adam Gilchrist BBC interview in 1989”

  1. yeah, no doubt, Gilchrist was destructive. Gibs had this uncanny ability. So, purely judging the both on ability, I would say Gibs had more. That’s why I say Gibs is just a little bit better than Gilly. Only just. I guess since Gilchrist contributed with the glove too, he should get more marks than Gibs at the end of day. Although, Gibs was a excellent filder too.

  2. “Gibbs is a just a little bit better than Gilly.” – You mean the other way round, Gibb’s would never be classed in the same league as Gilly, Gilly was just one-off & superior.

  3. He may better than Afridi, but he will always be second, third, fourth, and then some to Viv Richards. Gibbs is a just a little bit better than Gilly.

  4. pleasue 🙂 I’m only 21 and i never thought i’d ever see a teenage Gilly lol

  5. he is a kid in this video!!!!!but for the deccan chargers of IPL,currently he is like god father!!!!

  6. For those of you who miss Gilly, you can catch him in action during the Indian Premier League. He is the captain of the Deccan Chargers.

  7. Good to see a young Gilchrist.I am a big fan of Gilchrist.He really looks so young and charming.We rarely see him defending a cricket ball like that,don’t we.

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