25 Replies to “Shane Warne Bowls First Ball In Test Cricket 1992 Sydney vs India”

  1. And Shane Warnes never “chucked” a ball in his´╗┐ life…….. Thank you
    and good night ­čÖé

  2. this is like saying for example in football (or soccer to certain people) a team that lost by 2 goals to nil; having had 8 shots on target compared to only 2 for the eventual winning team. It’s the final score that counts, and in Muralis case 800 wickets trumps Warne’s´╗┐ mere 708. Thank you!

  3. 1. Warne played for way less time than Murali. (1991 TO 2007 VS 1991 TO 2010) so by average warne had 708 wickets in 16 years when Murali has 801 wickets in 19 years.

    2.Warne would probably get 75 odd wickets´╗┐ in a year, so if he was younger he would overridden Murali’s amount by 57 wickets.

    3. Murali is not better than Warne, but people say Murali chucks. That is half true/half not considering he can’t straighten his arm, yes he can’t.

  4. 1- It was n times more enjoyable wathcing Warne bowl than Murali.
    2-The kind of cricket Lankans played with dustbowl bored a person to death.
    3-Warne bowled on pace friendly wickets against stronger oppositions.
    4-Warne did not chuck
    5-I would pay to watch Warne not Murali
    6-Murali´╗┐ is a down to earth guy but that doesn’t make him a better spinner

  5. …granted it would be hard pressed to call him the greatest bowler of all time? I am also´╗┐ not surprised that he had a average of 47 against India – they are very good players of spin. He is however arguably the greatest spin bowler of all time.

  6. Warne would always win out (better bowler, better batsman, better fielder). That’s irrelevant when we come´╗┐ to the chucking issue.

  7. According´╗┐ to the study Glenn McGrath under the old laws was also a chucker. Was the study in that case also flawed?

  8. Haha… You little cunt sounds like lost the virginity to Warne’s left hand.. he must´╗┐ have spin a googly in urs…! Get a life son… In years to come only stats will do the talking, & Warne will be a no-body infront of Murali… Sorry punk…!

  9. take your tongue out of Murali’s ass. Here’s the tester. If you were picking teams who would you pick first. If you say Murali you are a lying cunt (FACT). If we were picking players for a baseball team´╗┐ it would be a different story. Murali has a great throwing are….hahahahaha. NO BALL!!!

  10. …the study was flawed. He´╗┐ was and will always be remembered as a chucker. NO BALL !!!!

  11. the ICC buckled to the pressure of India and Sri Lanka and changed the rules to keep him in the game. He was a chucker (FACT) and his records will always be tainted because of it (FACT).´╗┐

  12. I’m afraid you’re gunna have to believe in science mate. Sorry but´╗┐ its the 21st century, not 1855.

  13. If you bowled with an arm bent at, say, 5 degrees and you kept it bent through the action of´╗┐ delivery, then by the letter of the law it’s not a no-ball because the arm hasn’t straightened at all and has stayed consistently bent. You saying that his arm is bent is utterly irrelevant because being bent isn’t the issue, it’s any straightening that goes on.

  14. Law 22.3: “A ball is fairly delivered in respect of the arm if, once the bowler’s arm has reached the level of the shoulder in the delivery swing, the elbow joint is not straightened partially or completely from that point until the ball has left the hand. This definition shall not debar a bowler from´╗┐ flexing or rotating the wrist in the delivery swing.”

    That law automatically makes 99% of the bowlers throwers. Now here’s the fun part…

  15. So was the science a joke when it said that the like of McGrath, Gillespie, and Pollock went´╗┐ above the 10 degree flex point?

  16. @HeartfeltDawn….yeah the Biomechanics lab at UWA did a great job. I was there and it was a complete joke´╗┐

  17. At the end of´╗┐ the day, his arm is bent, very bent. They dont call him “Chucky” for nothing. Forget about science, the ICC etc. He throws and everyone knows it.

  18. Incidentally, that abstract came from the University´╗┐ of Western Australia’s Department of Human Movement and Exercise Science. I’d take their opinions far more seriously than Hair’s opinion.

  19. Go and read the abstract into Murali’s action. “The bowler, Mutiah Muralitharan, was shown to maintain a relatively constant elbow angle in the 0.06 s before ball release. Furthermore, this angle changed little from the time that the upper arm was angled vertically downward until ball release during the three´╗┐ spin-bowling actions.” Short version: his arm didn’t straighten. If your arm remains bent throughout, as Murali’s does, it’s not a bloody throw.

  20. A degree of flex is very different to a 45 degree´╗┐ bend. Murali, is a chucker and it was comfirmed by Daryl hair. As for the ICC…gutless, weak and irrelevant.

  21. Murali was world class and was confirmed under the current ICC regulations to not be a chucker. Don’t forget that under the old regulations people like Glenn McGrath and Shaun Pollock were found to have a degree of flex in the bowling action that could be classed as throwing. Warne trumps Murali as a bowler but both were fantastic bowlers.´╗┐

  22. Warnie rules! This guy had the best cricketing brain in addition to his exceptional control over spin. Unfortunately, we haven’t seen even a decent leg spinner since he left. Murali was a hard worker and a genuine cricketer, but he can never ever match the genius of´╗┐ Warnie. We were blessed to see a legend like Warnie in action.

  23. Fuck knows how Murali is rated world class when he is a confirmed ‘chucker’ and gathered heaps of wickets against cricket ‘powerhouses’ Zimbabwe and Bangladesh. You’re a legend Chucky but you ain’t Warnes boot strap.´╗┐

  24. True, but the final nail was when it was totally professionalised. Athletes, from ancient Greece to the present, who were playing for the love of it, as an adjunct to what they do as their vocation, and participated honourably. The same thing happened in the city state of Athens, when it all started going to their heads and they did it full time. There were plenty of Brendan Fevolas and´╗┐ Shane Warnes in those days.

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