14 Replies to “Australia wins the Champions Trophy, 2009”

  1. learn from Australia eh? the team that got bowled out for 47!! LOL! If india and pakistan can own you in the world cup being alone, imagine what would happen to your aussie team if they join forces!! racist bastards

  2. are madarchod ,behancho,randiwale pakistani..
    cmnt dene se pehle lakh bar soch nahi to aisi jageh teri ma behan ko pelunga ki tera allah bhi unki pukar nahi sun paega……..sale terrorist ki aulad…..apni ma behan ko randi bajar me chor aao……..

  3. mother fucker pakistanis .pehle apne aap ko dekh madarchod.hamare diye tukdo pe pal rahe bhosddk.sur ke chudas.suar kha le madarchoooooooooooooter.tu apni bhe bosdk ke 1000000000$dunga bhej mmaa ke laudeeeeee

  4. Are you a stupid?I agree that indian cricket players are pussies,but how you say to send their mother for 10$.you are a ……..you asshole

  5. put that comment on indian video you paki! this video is not for pak or india hate comments!also india and pak both sucks! learn it from Australia to play cricket!

  6. RICKY is the best ever captain in cricket history he will always be remembered like no one else.

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