10 Replies to “England’s Ian Bell admits naivety after controversial run out”

  1. no im sure, i just checked too, 137, anyway, funny shit happened. so, u british?

  2. i think that was what he finished on, i think he was just under 100 when that happened

  3. yeah but if you were batting and nearly at a century you wouldnt have that opinion ;)

  4. like you, i wouldv not allowed the batsman to continue, but i dont admire dhoni’s call at all. see in a nutshell, bell got out due to his foolisness, if the wicketkeeper had enough sense to whip the bails off, the batsman too shoul have had the sense to stay in the crease, so to allow bell to continue is not done. i feel dhoni acted to show something or to appease the crowd. HE WAS OUT FAIR AND SQUARE!! haha

  5. highly sporting and to be admired very much. would i have done it as captain, not a chance in hell. batsman on 90whatever, i’d be wanting him gone asap. what about you?

  6. damn, ur right, i didnt think of it that way (though i play enough cricket myself :p). well, with that understood, what is your take on dhoni allowing bell to continue?

  7. being a cricketer myself, i can easily explain why it appears like that. basically, you hit the ball and you keep running until you see its gone for a 4. its highly likely Bell has turned for the fourth, saw the indian cricketers reaction and slowness in throwing the ball in and assumed it has gone for a 4, hence stopping running. i think you read a bit too much into it lol

  8. if you look at the run out closely, you shall notice that bell was in fact running for the fourth run, then stopped suddenly before continuing to walk towards the non-strikers end, he should ran back into his crease, since he was actually going for a run earlier… naive?

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