1. i have´╗┐ never loved any ones smile after scoring hundred except gilly ­čÖé he is awesome

  2. he was a very good batsman but no where close to Sachin..Gilcrist is not even the greatest attacking batsman.If he played for´╗┐ an average team he wouldn`t have scored half of the runs he scored.Those days Aussie team had no pressure as the knew even if they get out there are loads of players to come out and score runs

  3. Greatest cricket video ever. Gilly one of all the time greatest´╗┐ (if not greatest) entertaining batsmen to have ever played. Sachin who? Who does he play for?

  4. compare? hahaha he is more´╗┐ talented than Tendulkar and a lot more enjoyable to watch.

  5. im indian but i would hesitate in´╗┐ comparing him to sachin! i love gilly! what a legend!

  6. gilchrist takes everymtach as t20 he is a absolute master blaster of the´╗┐ ball

  7. yeah 2 model girlfriends tell differently mate, why don’t you just´╗┐ go away.

  8. Hahahahah! You’re fucking retarded, 329* trumps a 134´╗┐ or 150 any day, Hussey’s innings was made under no pressure what so ever, Clarke came in at 3-37, and went on with it after reaching 100 unlike Ponting

  9. i remember watching this game, had to watch´╗┐ it again because that was a outstanding innings

  10. re katich, agree to a point, the rest…is it´╗┐ his metrosexual status that threatens your bisexuality?

  11. when u quit sucking on clarkes cock and come back to reality ul realise hes shit and a complete wanker. ponting and husseys´╗┐ innings were far greater than clarkes.

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