14 Replies to “Hitler finds out India lost another Test match”

  1. pity the people who know german´╗┐ … they cannot enjoy these hitler vids like we can! ­čÖü

  2. im indian,i luv indian cricket,though our quality is going down faster than u can say 100 century or win overseas!.But OMG i laughed sooooo much seeing this video,lol rofl! mega rofl :P.& to all indian fans,oh come on,laugh seeing this!,for once,FOR ONCE,lose the emotion & enjoy the lighthearted comedy.at least, we are a force, or were.bottom line is aussies luv us when we fight,they jus like a good fight thts´╗┐ all.the words that fly ends with the last ball :).after that we are all friends.

  3. Tendulkar’s official fan page on Facebook shared´╗┐ this video. HAHA!!

  4. Haha.. Dude ..u r funny like hell… r u watching these hitler videos for the first time??… talking abt wrong translation.. haha… this subtitles r just for fun.. not´╗┐ true translation mate….. ­čÖé

  5. Dude, it’s called editing a video to make´╗┐ it funny. Go get a life.

  6. the translation is wrong this is not what he is saying…. who so ever´╗┐ did this translation go and learn german… dere is nthng abt sachin tendulkar… stupid people hv lot of to do this kind of nonsense saying to u dragons4ever2007

  7. India has been whitewashed thrashed, crushed, & humiliated in Australia 4-0 and then thrown in the dustbin like a used tissue paper. First india was whitewashed in England 4-0 then beaten in t20 format and then beaten in odis as well in England and now indian cows are getting banged´╗┐ by OZ kangaroos publicly. It just gives more evidence to the fact that world cup 2011 was fixed and IPL matches are fixed. Indians should only play inside india otherwise they will be keep on getting thrashed.

  8. but I just saw a video with Hitler furious Brad Haddin was included´╗┐ in this test match! Now I don’t know who he supports.

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