14 Replies to “Ricky Ponting 78 – Headingley 2009 Ashes”

  1. another proof that bowlers win matches. Just see pakis of 90s..shitty bats but had bowlers who could defend 200 easily

  2. The booing is just British recognition of a great player/aussie captain/pantomine villian. Nothing sinister in this at all.

  3. I just edited this and uploaded it last night. I don’t even know who you are and I certainly will not be deleting it.

  4. Hey mate…Its not good that u cheated me…U took my video..edited it and uploaded it…

    U should hv chosen different commentary version…U can’t upload even a single video on ur own…Try to delete it at the earliest…

  5. well said, GBTN. But we all know that most poms are just mad because of all the times Punter has played match-winning knocks like this one against them.

    The reason they don’t boo Tendulkar is because Tendulkar’s big innings never actually win matches for India! 😉

  6. Fucking Poms, we don’t boo your shitty players.

    I hate any person that boo’s a player, not matter how bad, good, or arrogant they are. It’s not sportsmanship and they all should be ashamed. I don’t see any of them out there with almost 40 test centuries?

  7. , Bloody good knock!!!! typical Ponting shots- the back foot cover drive and the pull!!

  8. he was 31 off 19 balls after an early wicket fell, and given our batting during that series, there was every chance we could get bowled out for even less.

  9. And it was hardly counter attacking, we got bundeled out for 102. How about uploading Broad and Swann smacking you second dig.

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