22 Replies to “Ian Bell (Sherminator) shows us how to play spin bowling.”

  1. @punjabigundaa India cheat and abuse the spirit of the game more than any other nation, end of story. There are hundreds of incidents caught on video where Indian cricketers disgrace themselves AND their team, but you guys willfully ignore them and spout ignorant hatred about other teams (particularly Aus). I’m done bandying words with you.

  2. @CoolStoryBrosauce no doubt about the talent in australia. I’m talking about cheating “son” u dont have any fans around the world when it comes to cheating. u guys are alone in that boat. I’m glad alot of teams are giving it back to you these days.

  3. @punjabigundaa Actually we have supporters all round the world. not that that matters, but still. People like to hate the winners, it’s human nature. You’ll learn about that when you grow up son.

  4. @CoolStoryBrosauce If i put “india cheating” i’ll see videos from assholes like you. I just checked ricky didn’t average 40+ against murali you fucking lieing ass aussie. Put “australia cheating” u’ll see videos from everyone not just indians cuz u guys r fucking cheats. everyone knows it name one country that actualy likes u in cricket. they all fucking hate you.

  5. @punjabigundaa He played 3 tests in 99/2000. 3 in 04 and 2 last year. I’ll make it easy on your primitive protozoan brain and add them up for you.. that makes a total of EIGHT. Not 3. And your assertion that “nothing can be worse than Sydney 08” is made simply because you’re an Indian and you were on the losing side. Indians don’t walk, they over-appeal, they tamper with the ball, claim grounded catches, the lot. Just search for “India cheating” – might open your eyes a bit my son.

  6. @CoolStoryBrosauce Oh yeah and how many matches did he play against murali in SL? like 3? he toured india 4 times he only scored one fkin century that was at banglore. he fuckin sucks in india and hes lucky not to play against pakistan in pakistan. Nothing can be worse than sydney 08. NOTHING. He hasn’t even won a test match in india as a captain in all those years that was the captain. go fuck urself now

  7. @punjabigundaa He averaged 45 IN SL against SL during Murali’s years, and 46.4 overall against them. So big deal it’s not 50+ but it’s damn close to 50. Ponting had one really bad tour of India in 01 and one poor one in 98, but the one in 98 was mainly because of a string of horrible umpiring decisions by your cheating umpires. (10x worse than anything that happened in Sydney 08) – Ponting even got given out LBW to a ball that didn’t even hit the pad! LOL!

  8. @CoolStoryBrosauce Ricky did not average 50+ against murali in SL. Even indians couldn’t average 50+ against murali. that is crap. Ricky was the best player of fast bowling but not spin bowling. We all know that.

  9. @punjabigundaa Ricky averaged > 50 against Murali, and that was on pitches that actually TURNED. U mad?

  10. yeah i dont think he needs lessons from ricky ponting. whats ricky’s average in the sub-continent again?? yah thats right less than 30 because he cant play murali,bhajji,kumble. The rest of the aussies aren’t masters of playing spin either. Only micheal clarke looks good but only when hes in australia not in india,SL,pak.

  11. Lmfao, In tour of pakistan In UAE, Saeed Ajmal and Abul Rehman both spinners were embaressing Ian Bell…HE cant play spin at all! and the english rate him a player ofspin!!! LMAO!!!

  12. Fuck Warne was good, I actually find watching cricket a whole lot less enjoyable knowing he’s retired.

    There isn’t a single world class leggie going around at the moment, depressing

  13. And they say that he is their best player of spin!! lol Also, he ain’t having the best of times again Ajmal, you can add some of those clips in your video too.

  14. 02:50 : Ripper
    03:08 : Letting that one go?. Seriously? LOL
    03:34 : Capstone Class in Spin Bowling
    04:05 : hehehe

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