1. THank the Lord that some1 else posting stuff rather than that OTHER IDIOT who has a water mark in the middle of the screen

  2. thanks for the upload, but i have to say.. the title is misleading. not the greatest over in test history! haha

  3. I wouldnt say this is the Greatest over from Shane but the Batsman is one of the Dumbest ive ever seen lol

  4. @vindaisatossermini2 Well the aussies always knew they could rattle mcmillan. The video would be better if i remembered to edit the fucking ads out!!!

  5. This pretty much ended McMillan’s test career… notice NZ had a 1 run lead on first innings!!!

  6. As Warne said once “its better than the spice girls” :)..Later part of his career he basically was bowling 2 kind of balls,1) a ball which could go straight and 2) obviously the big legspinner..but the ability to bowl accurately and most imp of all outhink the batsman made him captivating to watch..ATG..But can someone ask him not to be cheesy with his tweets..thats not the warne we know of for fuck sake? 🙂

  7. amazing video Rob, your channel has all kids in my locality hooked. i only wish there was a way to mask the idiotic comments coz theyre too young to be exposed to language posted here. if their reaction is anything to go by, ur definitely doing ur bit keeping test cricket alive for the next gen.

  8. Not his greatest over by any means but no doubt th work of a genius. Rob, you’re doing a great service to cricket lovers the world over. Much appreciated.

  9. The reason for his win against this batsman was not Warnies genius bowling, but the sheer flamboyance of Warnie. He spoke loudly and very seriously to Ponting, maybe talking about tactics, which seriously puts the batsman in a state of confusion and nervousness. The ploy that won the battle, was the banter after the second ball. Its not genius, just acting, and he did it well. Other cricketers don’t play mind games, Warnie did, therefore he wins. The mind, in cricket, is your greatest enemy.

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