25 Replies to “Shane Warne drops a Hatrick Catch (Ind vs aus cricket)! Poor Damien Fleming !”

  1. A quality bouncer, well deserved wicket. A wide half volley that a new batsman simply shouldn’t play at and then to top it all off a piece of shit, short and wide outside off who plays at that.. on a hat-trick ball..

  2. A bit harsh!!! His results on the field certainly don’t suggest he was too self-absorbed and he was usually pretty reliable in the field. Off the field was where he had his dramas, had it not been for those I believe he would have been a great captain. When he was given the opportunity in one dayers he really looked the goods. Ponting was forever picking his brain.

  3. @StFidjnr You’re so original. It’s not like you copied that off anyone or anything -.-

  4. The one where he dropped Pietersen at The Oval was worse, this match Australia won, that Ashes dropped catch proved costly lol

  5. @DancingMedicineMan Well clearly 30 other people agree with me. Case closed Retard.

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  7. @smartdon007

    I am from India and I totally agree….Its still getting whopped my friend 🙂

  8. this happened to me once. was 10, so not quite at the same level but i still murdered the dude who dropped the catch. could have been 4 in a row as i bowled the same player the next delivery.

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  11. thank goodness Damo already had a hattrick….otherwise he would have felt 100x worse

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