4 Replies to “Shane Warne’s injury that led to his ban for doping”

  1. Warne “supposedly” took the diuretics for losing weight, not because of an injury. Nobody will ever know, though, since diuretics hide any drugs taken by the body.

  2. There is a slight inaccuracy in this title. Shane Warne was on these diuretics in the Perth Test match weeks earlier, as a weight-loss program. This is where they first found the drug, and after returning from this injury they found it again and talked to him. So it wasn’t really the injury, it was his vanity that cost him. The whole thing was a joke, he was innocent, and we didn’t need him anyway, and he came back stronger than ever. Really, this rest was the best thing for Warn’e caeer!

  3. I was there that day. Crowd was very quiet for the rest of the night after this moment.

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